• Freedom to underwrite

    Freedom to underwrite

  • Share in our success

    Share in our success

  • Become a partner

    Become a partner

Cambridge Dictionary
Incorporated adjective – A group of people acting as one!

Underwriters Incorporated was created to reward the best talent in the industry. Every successful insurer understands the art of underwriting but in many companies this has been lost and traditional relationship based ‘trading’ underwriting has become a thing of the past.

We believe underwriting has to be at the core of our business as it’s the way to create long lasting profits for our insurer partners. We are therefore dedicated in creating a home for our Underwriters; enabling their product delivery with leading edge technology and providing quality in-house support to ensure they can flourish.

The unique way our business has been structured means that all of our underwriters are partners in the company, in fact all staff share in the profits of the business, even if we only make a £1 profit.

If you are interested in being part of Underwriters Incorporated, call Mike Smith on 0333 577 0477 or email enquiries@underwritersinc.co.uk.

Be part of the revolution!

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